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over20kweddings's Journal

Above-average wedding budgets
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A community for those men and women with greater than average wedding budgets. The purpose is to be able to share ideas and discuss budgets with likeminded people.

Membership is moderated to keep the drama down. As such, membership requests from non-established journals may be rejected. Please contact weseh or annainthecity through their LJs if you feel you have been rejected in error.

There is no minimum budget for membership, but please keep posts focused toward the high-end crowd. More general questions may be better received in weddingplans.

Disparaging comments based on budgets alone are not allowed. Anyone deemed to be trolling or inciting drama will be banned.

When joining, please fill out and post our Membership survey
Wedding Date:
Role in the wedding:
City/State/Country you live in:
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different):
Approximate budget (if you feel like sharing):
Number of guests:
Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

In the interest of peace and harmony, please use an LJ-cut for large images or multiple images in one post.